Why Oakwood?

Teaching & Learning

Oakwood is rooted in its commitment to a relational pedagogy that views students as partners in teaching and learning and in the growth and innovation of an aligned K-12 program. Our students are involved in interdisciplinary opportunities, immersive and collaborative experiences, and morally engaged with social, political, and environmental challenges.

Experiential Education

Oakwood's Statement of Philosophy compels us to have students grapple meaningfully with ideas, to discover relationships among disciplines, and to become independent and moral thinkers. We strive to engage students viscerally and intellectually, employing their senses to challenge their understanding of the nature of the world. Through experiential education, we capitalize on the opportunity to inhabit the space between traditional and progressive learning, where we begin to blur the lines between the classroom and the world around us. We take ideas that seem out of reach and bring them into your child’s reality.


Our Athletics program complements Oakwood School's rigorous college preparatory curriculum with an extensive offering of competitive team sports, providing students the opportunity to develop mind, body, and character for themselves, their teams, and their school. From the novice to the college-bound athlete, Oakwood offers unparalleled opportunities for excellence.

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